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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a good bedside manner matter?

While good outcomes are the top priority for patients and providers, the way a patient perceives they are treated by their healthcare provider is nearly as important to them. And for good reason; studies show that bedside manner has a measurable effect on patient health. Understanding and improving the way your practice serves patients is key to improving not only patient satisfaction rates, but to enhancing the overall care you provide.

Why does your bedside manner matters?

From check-in to check-out, the importance of bedside manner is to build trust and engage the patient. What, when and how information is communicated makes all the difference. Using words the patient can understand, not medical jargon. This means recognizing their psychosocial, educational and cultural background.

Can bedside manner be taught?

Though many healthcare professionals question whether bedside manner can be taught, a 2011 study from Duke University shows that it can be . Oncologists who listened to a CD tutorial about bedside manner tips treated patients empathetically twice as often as the doctors who hadn't used the CD.

What does bedside mean?

bedside manner. noun. : the manner that a physician assumes toward patients a doctor with a soothing bedside manner broadly : a person's manner in dealing with others The good news for Coelho is that his problem is largely a matter of style, not substance.

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