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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bedside shift report (BSR)?

Nurse bedside shift report (BSR) has been identified as the gold standard because outcomes reported in the literature indicate it improves patient and family satisfaction, nursing quality and patient safety better than the traditional hand-off outside the patient's room (Grimshaw et al., 2016 ).

Do nurse bedside shift studies on patient experience with care report limitations?

The majority of the studies on nurse bedside shift report that discuss patient experience with care have limitations.

How do you write a bedside report on a patient?

It should start outside of the patient's room covering the general information history what's occurred, then kind of go through a head-to-toe assessment of what's going on. Then you go into the room and you can finish the bedside report at the bed, looking at all of the things that you might have noted. (NS 8)

Where can I find nurse-to-nurse bedside shift report implementation handbook?

Nurse bedside shift report implementation handbook. 26. Caruso EM. The evolution of nurse-to-nurse bedside report on a medical-surgical cardiology unit. . 2007;16(1):17–22.

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