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Frequently Asked Questions

Is bedside report evidence-based practice?

An evidence-based practice change incorporating bedside report into standard nursing care was implemented and evaluated over a four-month time period on three nursing units. Fall rates, HCAHPS and Press Ganey® scores, and nurses’ response to a satisfaction survey were measured before and after the project implementation.

What is the evaluation of bedside shift report?

This evaluation of bedside shift report describes the process of involving clinical nurses in evidence-based practice (EBP) and research at an academic medical center by using existing structures and resources.

What should be included in a bedside report?

“Bedside report should include an introduction and safety check including drips and safety equipment. Patients and families should be offered a chance to ask questions and all parts of nursing report should not be required to happen in front of patients and families.”

Can MoD models of bedside report incorporate the patient into triad?

Models of bedside report incorporating the patient into the triad have been shown to increase patient engagement and enhance caregiver support and education. Nurse shift reports and nurse handovers are 2 of the most critical processes in patient care that can support patient safety and reduce medical errors in the United States.

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