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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is bedside reporting important?

Bedside shift reports are viewed as an opportunity to reduce errors and important to ensure communication between nurses and communication. Models of bedside report incorporating the patient into the triad have been shown to increase patient engagement and enhance caregiver support and education.

What is bedside report?

One time to share questions, concerns, and information is during a regular activity called “bedside report.” What is bedside report? Bedside report is when the nurses going on and off duty meet at your child’s bedside. They talk about your child’s care. The nurse going off duty has been taking care of your child.

How long do I have to be a bedside RN?

In general, most nursing staffing agencies require nurses to have at least one year, but often two, of bedside experience before signing them; if you will be working a specialized unit, such as labor and delivery or ICU, the agency may require more time before you can work as a travel nurse in that field.

Is theory important to bedside nursing?

Nursing theories help bedside nurses evaluate patient care and base nursing interventions on the evaluation of the findings. The theories can also provide nurses with the rationale to make certain decisions. An example of a nursing theory in use is seen in the care of a Jehovah's Witnesses patient that does not believe in blood transfusions.

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