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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bedside shift report?

When shift reports are given at the bedside, patients and family members share in the information exchange, ask questions and hear directly from the nurse about their plan of care. Bedside Shift Reports show patients and families that the care providers are working effectively as a team.

Is bedside report evidence-based practice?

An evidence-based practice change incorporating bedside report into standard nursing care was implemented and evaluated over a four-month time period on three nursing units. Fall rates, HCAHPS and Press Ganey® scores, and nurses’ response to a satisfaction survey were measured before and after the project implementation.

Does bedside report improve patient safety and patient and nurse satisfaction?

A Midwestern, 532-bed, acute care, tertiary, Magnet® designated teaching hospital identified concerns about fall rates and patient and nurse satisfaction scores. Research has shown that the implementation of bedside report has increased patient safety and patient and nurse satisfaction.

Where can I find nurse-to-nurse bedside shift report implementation handbook?

Nurse bedside shift report implementation handbook. 26. Caruso EM. The evolution of nurse-to-nurse bedside report on a medical-surgical cardiology unit. . 2007;16(1):17–22.

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