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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of bedside reporting?

The evidence based research reviewed unanimously concludes that conducting bedside reporting leads to increased patient safety, patient satisfaction, and nurse satisfaction. Patient Communication and Safety Nurses communicate with patients, patient families, healthcare providers, and other axillary departments constantly during a shift.

What do bedside shift reports tell us?

Bedside shift reports: what does the evidence say? Bedside shift reports are viewed as an opportunity to reduce errors and important to ensure communication between nurses and communication. Models of bedside report incorporating the patient into the triad have been shown to increase patient engagement and enhance caregiver support and education.

What is mandatory nurse bedside report?

Mandatory nurse bedside report implemented on the unit is one strategy to improve patient safety outcomes [ 1 ]. Nursing bedside report allows both the oncoming and outgoing nurses to assess the patients, examine for any patient safety errors, and allows the patients to be a part of their plan of care.

Is bedside report evidence-based practice?

An evidence-based practice change incorporating bedside report into standard nursing care was implemented and evaluated over a four-month time period on three nursing units. Fall rates, HCAHPS and Press Ganey® scores, and nurses’ response to a satisfaction survey were measured before and after the project implementation.

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