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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a bedside shift report implementation handbook?

Nurse bedside shift report implementation handbook.

Should bedside procedures be separately reported?

Bedside Procedures –The Reporting Dilemma 1 Revenue Roundtable June 2017 Bedside Procedures –The Reporting Dilemma Many hospitals struggle with the concept of whether charges should or should not be separately reported. Implementing the new codes for July Several ancillary departments are impacted by the July 2017 OPPS updates.

Do nurse bedside shift studies on patient experience with care report limitations?

The majority of the studies on nurse bedside shift report that discuss patient experience with care have limitations.

What happens when a bedside procedure is performed?

Whenabedsideprocedureisperformed,a sterile field is prepared, instrumentation available,requiredsuppliesready,andnursing staffinattendancetoassistthephysician. Thereisvirtuallynodifferenceinaprocedure thatisperformedatbedsideversusthesame procedurethatisperformedinatreatment roomoroperatingroom.

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