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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should a bedside table lamp be?

Bedside lamps. A bedroom table lamp sets the mood for your bedroom and illuminates reading and task work. A nightstand should be about the same height as your mattress, and bedside table lamps should be 24"–27" tall for optimal bedtime reading.

What are some of the best antique boudoir lamps?

NR! Authentic Antique Signed Tiffany Studios NY Bronze Boudoir Lamp Lily Pad 606 Antique GWTW Oil Lamp, Gone With The Wind, Squared Body Floral 25" Tall - WOW!! Vintage Coleman Quick Lite Lantern.

What is the best lamp size for a living room?

The ideal lamp size for a living room table lamp is 24"–34" tall. Task desk lighting can help bring specific areas into focus, while a taller lamp can brighten a larger area. Desk lamps can range in size from 12"–30" high.

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