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Frequently Asked Questions

What height should a bedside lamp be?

Ideal Lamp Height. A bedside table lamp should not be too large or too small, but a happy medium. The size of your lamp should be based upon the size of the bedside table it sits upon. According to William Miller Design, if your nightstand is 24 inches to 30 inches tall, the ideal height for a lamp is 27 inches to 32 inches tall.

How to find the best table lamp brands?

How do you find the best table lamp brands? A good place to start is by visiting a large online retailer. Search for table lamps. Then, sort your search by the most popular products.

How high should a living room table lamp be?

The correct height of a table lamp depends on the room, the size of the table and the use of the light. You have to balance the size of a lamp with the furnishings around it. Most living rooms can handle a lamp that's 26 to 34 inches tall.

Are bedside tables beneficial?

Bedside tables can be very beneficial, especially when one considers how many unnecessary trips to other rooms they can prevent. The very act of sleeping can cause mouth and throat dryness, so having a glass of water near the bed can be a great benefit.

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