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Frequently Asked Questions

How high should a bedside table be?

Most nightstands available on the market range between 24 and 28 inches high. This corresponds with the most common bed height of 25 inches from mattress to floor. Make it easy to reach your bedside lamp, books, drinks and alarm clock by purchasing a table that stands a couple of inches above your mattress height.

What are standard sizes of bedside tables?

What determines the size of the bedside tables. We understand further. Clear parameters that regulate the size of bedside tables, as such, does not exist. Usually manufacturers are oriented to dimensions of 50-55 cm in width and 55-60 cm in height. These are the standard sizes of bedside tables in the bedroom.

Are bedside tables beneficial?

Bedside tables can be very beneficial, especially when one considers how many unnecessary trips to other rooms they can prevent. The very act of sleeping can cause mouth and throat dryness, so having a glass of water near the bed can be a great benefit.

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