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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy solid wood bedside tables online in India on wooden Street?

These solid wood bedside tables online in India on Wooden Street are desired and demanded by most of the people who are looking for something that successfully glorifies their decor at an affordable cost. The beautiful bed side table with storage drawers is a piece of style and utility, thus the best.

What are bedside tables used for?

They are very useful and can be used for multiple things. Its generally small in size and placed beside a bed. However, they can be placed anywhere in the bedroom or other rooms as per your preference. Modern bedside tables usually have shelves sometimes with a small door or multiple drawers.

What are the best wooden side tables for bedroom?

A few of the popular instances of these side table for bedroom from our collection are Adolph Bedside Table (Honey Finish) and Weston Bedside Table (Walnut Finish). We have bold designs, minimalist appearance and eccentric finish of wooden side tables for bedroom to match well your modern themes of bedrooms.

What is the standard height of a bedside table?

The standard height of a bedside table is between 24 and 28 inches. Looking bedside table for low bed? The bedside table designs for low bed are Noha, Melisandre, Boho and many more are available. You can visit our bedroom storage and accessories section.

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