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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best bedside table in New Zealand?

Across all Bedside Table in NZ, our favourites would be Scandinavian bedside tables and modern contemporary bedside tables that features straight lines and simplicit.

What kind of wood is tillsdale bedside table made of?

The Tillsdale 2 Drawer Bedside by Coastwood Furniture is made with Solid NZ Pine and offers excellent quality and craftsmanship so you will enjoy this for many years to come. The simple design grants a relaxed sense of style and the beautiful, warm finish shows off the natural grains of the wood.

What kind of bedside table should I get?

We know bedside tables would be one of the must-have bedroom furniture, so we’d like to bring in stylish ones like black and white bedside tables to complete a Scandi look, as quite often Scandi décor is monochromic or otherwise is to match with natural wood colour.

What kind of furniture is in the Barbados range?

The BARBADOS range includes items for your Bedroom and Living areas.Fans of hand-made, strongly built, grainy, solid wood furniture will be right at home with this series. The lovely BRISBANE series comprises a Queen size bed, bedside tables, and a tallboy.

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