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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bedsit in other languages?

In other languages bedsit. British English: bedsit /ˈbɛdˌsɪt/ NOUN. A bedsit is a room you rent which you use for both living in and sleeping in. He was living alone in a dingy bedsit. American English: efficiency apartment. Arabic: غُرْفَةٌ اِسْتُودِيُو. Brazilian Portuguese: quitinete.

What is a bedsit in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the terms bedsit and granny flat are used interchangably. A bedsit can also be compared to a Soviet communal apartment, in which a common kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and telephone are shared by several families, each of which lives in a single room opening up onto a common hallway.

What is the difference between bedsit and flat?

is that bedsit is (british|ireland) a form of rented accommodation consisting of a single room for use as both sitting room and bedroom; there may also be a small kitchen area and washing and toilet facilities, but these may be shared while flat is an area of level ground or flat can be (archaic|new england|now chiefly british) an apartment.

What is a bedsit room UK?

bedsit noun [ C ] uk ​ /ˈbed.sɪt/ us ​ /ˈbed.sɪt/ also bedsitter, formal bed-sitting room UK. › a rented room that has a bed, table, chairs, and somewhere to cook in it: He lives in a tiny student bedsit.

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