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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bedsit in the UK?

In Great Britain, a bedsit, or bedsitting room, is a furnished rented room in a House of Multiple Occupation ( HMO ). A British flat block, or apartment complex, differs from a HMO in that most HMOs are originally built for occupation by a single household.

What is a bedsit renter?

Bedsit renters are called bedsitters. Houses converted to HMOs may have anywhere from five to fifteen or more bedsits, depending on the size of the house. A bedsit could be any size although many are quite small.

What are the disadvantages of living in a bedsit?

Sharing a bathroom with many other people is one of the disadvantages of living in a bedsit, but there are ways to cope with this. For example, a bedsitter may clean the bathroom facilities before using them and may store his or her personal grooming supplies in the bedsit room rather than the bathroom.

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