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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to Pimp a small bedsitter?

Most people with small bedsitter designs tend to think that they cant pimp it, which is not the case because the size does not necessarily matter. You can place lamps as well as bold arts at different spots of your house. Many prefer a gallery wall art and they work miracle on the looks of a bedsitter.

Which is the best way to arrange a small bedsitter?

How to arrange a small bedsitter will be simple if you consider the type of furniture you purchase. A bedsitter is probably a room that can best accommodate one person. Therefore, there is no harm if you go for the multi –purpose furniture especially if your bedsitter has a limited space.

Why are Bedsitter designs so popular in Kenya?

Most new employed Kenyans will go for a bedsitter because it is affordable and it allows them to purchase household staffs at their own pace. In Kenya, the more spacious a bedsitter is, the more expensive it will be, but bedsitter designs in Kenya are mostly the same.

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