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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bedspace apartment?

According to the Bedspace Apartment Ordinance, the term "bedspace apartment" refers to a house that contains 12 or more people who rent bedspaces individually. It is legal to run these bedspace apartments, but landlords must first apply for a special license. Bedspace apartments started to appear more commonly during the 1950s and 1960s.

What is the history of bedspace apartments in Hong Kong?

Bedspace apartments started to appear more commonly during the 1950s and 1960s. During the Chinese Civil War, a large number of Chinese mainlanders migrated to Hong Kong, and this, along with a surge in birth rates due to the prospering economy, caused the population to dramatically increase from 2,015,300 in 1951 to 3,129,648 in 1961.

What is the room capacity of 2 Lady bed spacers?

Looking for 2 lady bed spacers- Room Capacity: 4 - Room has its own CR inside with TUB, SHOWER, TOILET and Sink- Room is very spacious since it is the Master's Bedroom. - Room has a good view from the outside- Can cook but must maintain the cleanliness of the cooking area.-

How to find the best one bedroom apartment rental?

Tour potential one bedroom apartment rentals with a critical eye. Pay attention to all the details that come with a place; scan the condition of everything including the appliances, carpets and walls. Also take a stroll through the apartment complex or building to gauge a sense of the community.

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