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Frequently Asked Questions

Which beekeeping starter kit is the best?

Find the Best Bee Hive Starter Kit Mann Lake Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit. The Mann Lake Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit is made in the USA and comes completely assembled and painted. Hoover Hives Complete Langstroth Bee Hive. This Langstroth beehive from Hoover Hives is a favorite among beekeepers. ... Buildabeehive 10 Frame Deluxe Starter Bee Hive Kit. ... CO-Z Bee Hive. ... VIVOHOME Beehive. ... More items...

How do you start beekeeping?

How to start beekeeping. It is also recommended at first wear rubber gloves, although many beekeepers work without them, but still in the early stages (as long as you do not appear skills in handling bees) it is better to wear them. In addition, near hives with bees the front grid must always be worn on you .

How to start beekeeping?

How to Successfully Start Beekeeping As a Brand New Beginner (Step by Step) Step 1 To Start Beekeeping As A Beginner: Stock Up On Knowledge. Join Your Local Beekeepers Association. Read Books and Watch Videos. Be Familiar with Your Local Zoning Laws. Step 2 To Start Beekeeping: Get Your Equipment. Beehives.

Where to start with beekeeping?

Start With a Nucleus Colony . Starting with a nucleus colony, or "package," of bees will give you the chance to establish a colony, which will teach you a lot about bees and raising bees in your specific circumstances. Collecting wild swarms is popular in many beekeeping groups, but they aren't the best option for novice beekeepers.

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