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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good book for language learning?

These come in the form of learning approaches, memory-enhancing techniques or useful mindsets that blast through the hurdles along the way. A general language learning book is a distillation of decades of scientific language acquisition research and practical experience from people who made the journey before.

Which is the best English novel for beginners?

The book is set in in the United States and follows the story of a crime in a small, rural town and its repercussions. Its told from the point of view of a child, so the language is never overly complex, making it a great novel for English language beginners.

Which is the best site to learn a language?

FluentU is the most awesome place on the Internet when it comes to language learning videos. It takes real-world videos—like vlogs, cartoons, inspiring talks, movie trailers and news—and transforms them into personalized language lessons. Take a look once you’ve had a chance to track down these great books.

Which is the best book to read in English?

Lord of the Flies is a modern classic, and a popular one to read at school. It was once the set text for the Cambridge Advanced Exam, which makes it an even better book to help improve your English! Whether you’ve read it in your own language or not, it’s a good one to try in English.

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