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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a bee hive?

Follow these simple steps on ‘How to Start a Bee Hive and you’ll bee well on your way to making your own honey at home. Purchase a TechnosetBee Hive System. Purchase High-quality Accessories. Talk to your local council. Talk to your neighbours and family. Fence in your backyard. Protective Clothing. Purchase your Bees. Tafe.

What should you know about beekeeping?

Beekeeping (apiculture) is the practice of managing honeybee colonies to attain desired objectives. The most common primary objectives for managing colonies are to: Ensure large, healthy adult honeybee populations to coincide with major nectar flows;

How to beegin beekeeping?

How to Start Beekeeping Research beekeeping. The first step to beginning beekeeping is to research. ... Check beekeeping laws in your area. Before keeping bees, it's important to find out if there are any state, city, county, or community ordinances. Consider neighbors. ... Plan to start keeping bees in the spring. ... Learn about equipment and costs. ... More items...

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