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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best hair cutting shears for beginners?

Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series This set of 6.5 inch cutting and thinning shears is perfect for a beginner or student. It’s also a good backup for a professional stylist. Equinox casts the high-quality stainless-steel blades with Japan steel.

Do you have to wash hair shears before use?

These handy shears allow you to easily change the tension setting to suit your hair type and style preference. They also come coated in a thin layer of oil to ensure the blades are fresh, so be sure to wash them thoroughly before use. No one wants crampy, uncomfortable fingers when snipping away. Enter the ULG Hair Cutting Scissors.

What should I put in my beginner Barber kit?

You’ll have to disinfect and clean your clippers after every single client. These items are must-haves in all the barber kits for beginners. Actually, experienced barbers use and swear by these. The two most popular sprays are Andis Cool Care Plus and Clippercide. For your other tools, you’ll want to use Barbicide.

How big is the finger rest on Equinox shears?

Equinox designed a finger rest in the offset, ergonomic handle of both the cutting shears and thinning shears for added comfort. The thinning shears are fine toothed, a great all-around tool for texturing various types of hairstyles. Each item weighs 4.8oz, light enough for any aspiring stylist.

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