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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be a mental health case manager?

Mental Health Case Managers highlight backgrounds in either social work or nursing on their resumes, as well as either bachelor's or master's degrees and, occasionally, licensing as well. For more information on what it takes to be a Mental Health Case Manager, check out our complete Mental Health Case Manager Job Description.

How do you list work experience on a case manager resume?

Relevant work experience, whether for a social services case manager or mental health case manager resume, is important to get just right. Place your most recent job first, followed by the next, etc. Business position titles go on top.

What is the objective of a behavioral health case manager?

Objective : Behavioral Health Case Manager with 2 plus years of experience is seeking a position within the health industry related to mental health and/or behavioral healthcare field. Work well with others as a team and an energetic self-motivator able to work individually.

What does a case manager do?

Case managers work with patients needing assistance in a diverse array of areas, such as substance addiction, nursing, mental health, social work, correctional work, and more.

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