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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of industrial cable does Belden use?

From cables for industrial automation and Industrial Ethernet to hook- up wire and multi-conductor cable, connect with Belden. Product Consistency:Manufactured in ISO certified manufacturing facilities, Belden’s state-of-the-art processes ensure quality in each product.

Where can I find the Belden copper catalog?

41.800.BELDEN.1 (800.235.3361) REVConnect Systems offer industry-leading, end-to-end structured cable solutions with best-in-class performance guarantees in all categories. This provides greater peace of mind in knowing that your network infrastructure will support increasing demands.

How can Belden help you in the field?

With strong shielding and jacketing options, Single Pair Ethernet cables provide reliable, uninterrupted connectivity from remote field devices to the cloud, even in the harshest environments. How Can Belden Help You? Be among the first to receive important product updates, insights and news.

What does Belden DCX optical distribution frame do?

Belden connects and protects organizations worldwide with the industry’s most complete suite of end-to-end networking solutions. Handle high amounts of fiber connections and maintain easy cable management with Belden's innovative DCX System optical distribution frame (ODF).

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