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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Montessori schools in Bellevue WA?

The Eastside Montessori School “I toured many Montessori schools in the Bellevue area before deciding on The Eastside Montessori” more 3. Forest Drive Montessori “Forest Drive Montessori School is a fantastic school. I was a bit scared at the beginning because” more 4. Eyas Global Montessori School

How do I contact Bell Montessori?

For the Main Campus, contact Elly Sprinkle: [email protected], for the Rossano campus, please contact Mrs. Anderson: [email protected]

What does Montessori mean to you?

"Montessori for me is a way of life, my meditation and my passion. It touches you at your core and lets you be yourself. Working for Bellevue Montessori School has been a therapeutic and a spiritual journey for me. Teaching children is a joyful, rewarding and humbling experience.

What was the first Montessori School in Italy?

The children ran amok and caused general mischief and destruction. Thus was the creation of the famous Casa dei Bambini, the first Montessori school; a school within the apartment complex of the children it served. It opened in 1907 and welcomed children ages 2-6.

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