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Frequently Asked Questions

Why belbellevue University?

Bellevue University’s program quality is demonstrated by our accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission ( and other specialized program accrediting bodies. Through our one-of-a-kind curriculum design, students acquire new knowledge and skills in essential areas, and master them through practical application.

Why choose Bellevue University for online learning?

As a private, nonprofit university with nearly 25 years of experience offering online degrees, we're dedicated to innovating education to better serve working students like you. Because you deserve access to the flexible and affordable education you need to get ahead. See how online learning is different at Bellevue University ›

Who is the founder of Bellevue University?

Founded by World War II veteran and hero, Bill Brooks, Bellevue University remains true to our mission and founding. We are recognized as a top military-friendly university and partner with military bases around the country and online throughout the world.

Why Bellevue University online for an MBA in auditing?

The Bellevue University online MBA cohort program offers a faculty with years of experience in the field to mentor and guide you. Their experience includes work at Cox Communication, Union Pacific, and many major auditing firms and provide a valuable layer of perspective you can apply to create change in your current role.

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