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Frequently Asked Questions

What login credentials do I need to access Bellevue University?

Bellevue University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( ). Your Login Credentials are required to access Cyberactive, BRUIN, and BRUIN Mail . Student Login Credentials: for "username" - use your student ID number which can typically be found on an ID card or a statement.

Why choose Bellevue University for online learning?

As a private, nonprofit university with nearly 25 years of experience offering online degrees, we're dedicated to innovating education to better serve working students like you. Because you deserve access to the flexible and affordable education you need to get ahead. See how online learning is different at Bellevue University ›

What is the Bellevue real-time user information network?

Using the Bellevue Real-Time User Information Network, or B.R.U.I.N., you can access records anytime it’s convenient for you. This includes checking progress toward degree completion, viewing academic history, viewing the course catalog, registering for classes online, and more.

Where will my official Bellevue University electronic correspondence be sent?

Official Bellevue University electronic correspondence will be sent to your BRUIN Mail account. If you are taking an online class, your student email address will be used in the Online Classroom setting.

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