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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bellevue University a good school?

So yes, in my opinion, Bellevue is a decent, mid-level university. It’s no MIT, but I couldn’t have afforded that anyway! I have found it to be quite excellent! My program is endorsed by Homeland and NSA, and the school has won awards for excellence!

How good is Bellevue University?

Oumar Sissoko scored a hat trick and the Bruin defense extended their shutout streak to 384:35 minutes as the No. 11-ranked Bellevue University men's soccer team defeated Hannibal-LaGrange University, 5-0, on Oct. 9 at Papillion Landing. "We played really well today, especially the first 15 minutes.

Is Bellevue University reputable?

The college is reputable and has a solid foundation. BU has accelerated cohort programs that allow students to learn from each other. Veronica from Versailles, MO

Is Bellevue University respected?

Bellevue University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission through the U.S. Department of Education. That means degrees awarded by Bellevue University are respected at graduate schools and corporate employers around the world.

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