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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of music does Staff Benda Bilili play?

Staff Benda Bilili. Staff Benda Bilili are a group of street musicians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They used to live around the grounds of the zoo in the country's capital city, Kinshasa, and play music which is rooted in soukous, with elements of old-school rhythm and blues and reggae.

How old is the soloist of Benda Bilili?

The soloist is an 18-year-old boy (2009) who plays guitar-like solos on an electrified one-stringed lute he designed and built himself out of a tin can. The group's name translates roughly from Lingala as "look beyond appearances".

When did Staff Benda Bilili Tres Tres Fort come out?

Staff Benda Bilili's Très Très Fort album was also be released on vinyl by Crammed Discs in 2010, only as part of the limited-edition Congotronics Vinyl Box Set which includes most albums on the Congotronics series . Media reactions to Très Très Fort were excellent, especially in the UK, the US, and France.

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