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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BSB number for Bendigo Bank?

Bendigo Bank uses BSB numbers to identify the bank and branch holding a bank account in Australia. Each branch has its own code, though some banks also have a single, centralised BSB for all their accounts. You’ll need a BSB to send money from one Australian bank account to another, or to send money to an Australian bank account from overseas.

Which is the best bank app for Bendigo?

For convenient banking on the go, download the Bendigo Bank app. Big on ease, speed and security, it delivers all the tools you’ll need for seamless online banking. • Can’t find your card? Apply a temporary block while you search for it

Who are the owners of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank?

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank joint ventures with Community 21 in its Community Sector Banking project. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank had acquired Wheeler Financial Services which was merged with Bendigo Financial Planning, and also acquired Southern Finance.

How to register for e-banking in Bendigo?

Easy to use, Bendigo e-banking is available 24/7. Register by visiting one of our branches or calling 1300 236 344. Telling the stories of relief, recovery and your donations at work. Every day our customers help change and save lives. Simply by banking with us.

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