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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car lift does bendpak make?

BendPak — Providing Automotive Service Solutions. For the best car lifts , oil drain pans and oil filter crushers, bet on BendPak's tradition of manufacturing excellence. 45+ years of designing, engineering and manufacturing automotive service solutions has led to the best in lift design and a long-running legacy in shop equipment.

Which is the best place to buy bendpak equipment?

Let Automotive Equipment Specialists be your source for Bendpak equipment and accessories. Browse through our wide selection of different Bendpak equipment and supplies that will help make auto repair and upgrading a lot easier.

How big is the corporate headquarters of bendpak?

Featuring over 500,000 square feet of covered manufacturing and warehouse space, BendPak’s two locations allow us to keep all top selling products in stock and available for immediate delivery. Our corporate headquarters features over 350,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space.

How much does a bendpak wheel alignment Jack cost?

BendPak Quatra Wheel Alignment Scissor Truck and Car Lift — 12,000-Lb. Only $ 19,410.00 BendPak Rolling Bridge Jack for HD-35 4-Post Series Truck and Car Lifts — 18,000-Lb.

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