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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of Bendy and the Dark Revival?

‘Bendy and The Dark Revival’ is being developed by Ottawa based Canadian video game development studio Kindly Beast. The studio is relatively new to the scene, having been founded in 2015 by Art Director and Game Designer TheMeatly and Lead Programmer and CEO Mike Mood.

When does Bendy and the dark come out?

Bendy and the Dark Revival (abbreviated as BatDR) is an upcoming second episodic installment of the main core series from the Bendy franchise, currently under development by Joey Drew Studios Inc.. It was first announced from the "From the desk of Joey Drew - February 10th, 1931" video on February 10, 2019 during Bendy's second anniversary.

Who are the members of Bendy and the Ink Machine?

Bendy and the Dark Revival (2019) On February 10, 2019, Kindly Beast announced another addition to Bendy and the Ink Machine through audio recordings from Joey Drew, Wally Franks, Thomas Connor, Susie Campbell, Sammy Lawrence, Jack Fain, and a mash-up being heard by a mysterious person.

How did the character bendy get his name?

Bendy also appears as the recurring and main antagonist, named the Ink Demon or "Beast Bendy", towards Henry throughout the game. Bendy's name was in fact a typo, created when the 3D modeling program, Blender, saved the character's model with the name.

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