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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of Drumstick leaves?

Besides those nutrients above, drumstick leaves have still other 80 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, such as vitamin A, potassium, essential amino acids, etc. All of these nutrients bring the health benefit of drumstick leaves as follow: Protect the healthy eyes. Drumstick leaves are rich in vitamin A. It’s 4 times richer than carrot content.

What can you do with drumstick leaf tea?

Rub drumstick leaves on the temples to get relief from headaches. Apply the leaves to wounds or insect bites as it possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The poultice of drumstick leaves is useful to halt bleeding from grazes and small cuts. Dried leaves or drumstick leaf tea effectively treats gastric ulcers and diarrhea.

What kind of plant is the drumstick tree?

Drumstick tree or known as Moringa Oleifera is a plant which belongs to genus Moringa and family Moringaceae. This leaves of the tree has been known as medicinal plant since long ago. Since health benefits of drumstick leaves are so powerful, people used to call the drumstick leaves as magic leaves.

How to reduce blood pressure with drumstick juice?

Take half cup juice of Drumstick twice a day. Take out fresh juice of Drumstick Leaves. Drink 1 glass daily. It helps in reducing Blood Pressure. Drumstick Leaves are antiseptic in nature. They are used to treat Skin Disorders. Make a paste and apply on the affected region. It causes a soothing effect.

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