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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the famous food of Bengali?

Kosha Mangsho or Mutton Kosha is a famous Bengali mutton dish, which literally means 'sauteed meat'. It is a favourite in Bengali households and is usually made for occasions, small or big. It is slow-cooked in an iron kadhai to give it that dark brown colour and to ensure that every piece is soaked in the goodness of the spices.

What are some good Bengali dishes?

21 Must Have Bengali Dishes You Need To Try In This Lifetime Jhal Muri. This light snack made from puffed rice, spiced up and zinged with lemon, is famous and so delicious that apparently even the British love it. Begun Bhaja. Any Bengali meal is incomplete with the uninterrupted crunching sound of this equally crunchy fried eggplant snack. Alu Posto. ... Shukto. ... Kanchkolar Kofta. ... Luchi Alur Dum. ... Bhetki Macher Paturi. ... More items...

What is Bengali food known for?

Bengalis are famous for their vast variety of sweet items starting from misti doi (sweet curd), rosogolla, variety of sandesh, payesh (rice in thickened milk) and many more.

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