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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of bengaline?

Definition of bengaline : a fabric with a crosswise rib made from textile fibers (such as rayon, nylon, cotton, or wool) often in combination First Known Use of bengaline 1839, in the meaning defined above

What is Bengaline fabric?

The fabric was first produced in Bengal, India, from where it gets its name. The French began to trade for the fabric, and its popularity rose in the late 19th century as a material for dresses. It is often used in children’s clothing as well because it does not wear out easily. Bengaline was first produced mostly as pure silk.

What is the price of bengaline silk?

Piqué, coachman's whipcord, diagonal serge, and surah are similar to bengaline silk. Surah was once known in France as silk serge. Bengaline silk sold for $2.50 per yard in 1889 but was sometimes discounted to sell for $1.25 per yard.

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