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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best credit card for balance transfer?

The Chase Slate is arguably one of the best credit cards available for balance transfers. There are others with longer periods, but the Chase Slate is a fairly well balanced card.

Is transferring credit card balances bad?

Any change in your credit use can affect your credit score, so it's possible that a balance transfer from one credit card to another could negatively impact you. However, any decrease in your scores would likely be temporary, and over time this could be a positive change.

Is a balance transfer good or bad?

A balance transfer can be a good option to consolidate your credit card debt and pay it off more quickly. But pay close attention to the terms. APRs, fees, the amount you can transfer and other terms can differ from card to card. Before you apply for a new card, check the terms and conditions for fees, APRs and any restrictions on transfers.

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