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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best alternatives to Microsoft Word?

One such product is called WordGraph and is a terrific alternative to Microsoft Word. Similar to AbleWord, you have a standard menu at the top, action buttons, and formatting toolbar. Each new document resides in its own tab.

What is substitute for MS Word?

Google Docs, which is easily the most popular Microsoft Word alternative on this list, is free to everyone with a Google account. If you want the basic features of Microsoft Word, you don't need to look any further than Google Docs--it does all your basic word processing needs, and it is tightly integrated with Google Drive and other products.

What is a good alternative to Microsoft Office?

LibreOffice is quite well known and is a very attractive open source alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s free and available on multiple platforms. It’s quite easy to use since it is very similar to MS Office while at the same time having offline functionality, unlike its Google Suite counterpart.

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