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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best hiking trails in Oregon?

The Best Hikes in Oregon. Eagle Creek Trail: This trail in the Columbia Gorge follows the tumbling waters of Eagle Creek and passes two spectacular waterfalls in the first 2 miles. Along the way, the trail climbs up the steep gorge walls, and in places it is cut right into the basalt cliffs. Timberline Trail: As the name implies,...

Where to hike on the Oregon Coast?

The Cape Falcon trail, one of numerous hikes throughout Oswald West State Park, takes hikers through an old-growth forest that feels worlds away from the Oregon Coast. In roughly three miles, hikers cross creeks, dodge downed tree trunks, and walk among towering Sitka spruce trees.

Is it possible to hike the entire Oregon Coast?

Oregon Coast Trail One of the best coastal hikes in Oregon, this trail lives up to its name. Starting at the California border and spanning almost the entire coast of the state, this trail is 425 miles total. If you decide to hike this entire trail, you're in for the most authentic Oregon experience possible.

What is Oregon Coast Trail?

Oregon Coast Trail. The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) is a long-distance hiking route along the Pacific coast of Oregon in the United States. It follows the coast of Oregon from the mouth of the Columbia River to the California border south of Brookings.

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