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Frequently Asked Questions

When to fertilize hay fields?

Fertilizing brome for optimal hay. Applying fertilizer in late November or December is ideal for smooth bromegrass fields, as long as the ground is not frozen or saturated, said Dave Mengel, K-State Research and Extension soil fertility specialist.

How much fertilizer per acre for hay?

According to the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture, grass needs a pound of fertilizer per every 1000 feet. Hay, however, requires 40 to 60 pounds of fertilizer per acre. According to the University of Arkansas, most food plots require about 50 pounds of fertilizer per acre.

What is the best grass for hay fields?

Fast-growing rye grass makes a good grass for hay and pasturage alike. It grows to about 4 feet tall, and, unlike many other grasses used for hay, is an annual.

What is the best fertilizer for a new garden?

Make green manure with plants. Green manure is a good, natural fertilizer for your garden. Combine wheat, oats, rye, clover, peas, vetch, buckwheat, and broad beans. Then, spread the manure over the soil in your garden.

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