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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cities in Florida?

Florida: What you need to know. The Sunshine State has a low cost of living and major industries like tourism, construction, banking, healthcare, aerospace and defense. With its state capital of Tallahassee and largest city Jacksonville, other best places to live in Florida include Orlando, Coral Gables, Tampa, Gainesville and Fort Lauderdale.

What are the rural places in Florida?

While no counties in the Tampa Bay area are considered "mostly rural" by the federal government, some in Florida are. They include, Walton, Glades, Dixie and Franklin counites. For those missing wide open spaces, Florida still has three counties that are considered 100 percent rural: Jefferson, Liberty and Lafayette.

What are the best cities to retire in Florida?

Florida is so big that is likely to have the perfect retirement lifestyle for just about anybody. Some obvious picks include retirement places like Venice, Key West, and Winter Park. Other towns to investigate include: Stuart, Delray Beach, Sarasota, and Gainesville.

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