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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places to live on the beach in Florida?

Cape Coral is on many of our best places to live lists, so is Punta Gorda. Fort Myers is not. The West coast of Florida has both better places to live right at the beach, or just a short drive away. This other list of best places on the west coast of Florida may help.

Which is the most affordable waterfront city in Florida?

5 Most Affordable Waterfront Cities in Florida To Live in 2021. 1. Port St Joe. Img source: 2. Key Largo. 3. Port Charlotte. 4. Boynton Beach. 5. Lake Worth.

Where to go on the water in Florida?

Waterfront property is easy to come by in Cape Coral, where there are over 400 miles of canals. This western Florida city provides multiple opportunities for boating on the extensive canal system, Caloosahatchee River and the Gulf of Mexico.

Where are the best places to retire in Florida?

25 Best Places to Retire in Florida – Updated for 2020 1 Sarasota. 2 New Smyrna Beach. 3 Ft. 4 The Villages. 5 Venice. 6 Naples. 7 Kissimmee. 8 St. Augustine. 9 Port Orange. 10 Tampa. More items...

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