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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to ski in Idaho?

Located in the Sun Valley region of Idaho, Hailey is the largest of several towns near the world-famous Sun Valley ski resort. The area is a year-round draw for outdoor enthusiasts, with the surrounding Sawtooth National Forest offering superb hiking and fishing throughout the summer.

Where are the best places to live in Idaho?

Current Resident: I used to live in a small town that didn't have any entertainment spots and only had two old runs down restaurants. I lived about 15 minutes away from a town called Idaho Falls/Ammon, where there was more to do and more places to eat.

What are the best ski towns to live in?

Places like Jackson, Telluride, and Mammoth—classic cute-as-a-button ski communities—are no longer realistic places to move to, but weekend stops where one might find a cool Airbnb while flexing another stop on their Mountain Collective pass. What, you thought you could actually live there?

What are the best mountain towns to live in?

5 Gorgeous Mountain Towns You Can Actually Afford. 1 1. Ogden, Utah. The gateway to Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Nordic Valley, this hidden gem, just 35 minutes north of Salt Lake City, sits at 4,280 ... 2 2. Leadville, Colorado. 3 3. Boone, North Carolina. 4 4. Crestline, California. 5 5. Idaho Falls, Idaho.

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