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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best podcast to learn Spanish?

Below are our picks of some of the best Spanish-learning podcasts on Spotify: This podcast by Radio Lingua Network is a great resource for those just starting their Spanish learning journey. There are four seasons available, each with 40 lessons, plus a few extra tracks thrown in.

Where can I listen to Spanish music on Spotify?

If you go to Spotify’s “Charts” section, you can listen to the top music in countries like Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador and more! That’s instant access to hours of the most popular current Spanish songs across the globe. On top of this, Spotify has a whole category for Spanish music playlists.

What kind of podcast is notes in Spanish gold?

Notes in Spanish Gold (inspired intermediate to advanced) features conversation and interviews focused on different aspects of Spanish culture. Episodes end with an English analysis of new vocabulary and grammar. The English explanations make this podcast accessible to motivated intermediate learners.

Which is the most popular podcast on Spotify?

1 NEW Podium Podcast Estirando el chicle 2 NEW Podcast y Mente Studio | Spotify Studios ... 3 NEW SER Podcast Nadie Sabe Nada 4 NEW El Rey del Cachopo 5 NEW Horóscopo de Hoy 45 more rows ...

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