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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a record player with CD player?

A record player with CD player is a stand-alone home stereo system that combines old and new technology. Music fans with collections of vinyl records often want to keep them while still buying and enjoying newer music on CDs.

How to change your records into CDs?

Convert Cassette Tapes to CDs with your own player Download the Audio Software. You'll need to download some free, open source, software called Audacity. ... Check the Recording level. I recommend that before you record anything you play the loudest track on the tape and check the sound levels on the Audacity ... Record the first track. ... Add Meta data and save recording. ... Record the rest of the cassette. ... More items...

What is a Crosley CD recorder?

Product description Crosley's Composer makes it easy to save old music from LPs or cassette tapes onto CD with the press of a button--and it plays all your music, too. Now you can easily record your albums onto CD with the push of a button. The CD recorder records LPs and cassette tapes to CD.

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