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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the headquarters of BHP Billiton Australia?

BHP Billiton was founded in 1885 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Report Locked. BHP Billiton Ltd has reached its limit for free report views. BHP Billiton Ltd does not currently have any hardcopy reports on Click the button below to request a report when hardcopies become available.

How to read the BHP Billiton annual report?

3 R emuneration Report 3.1 Annual statement by the Remuneration Committee Chairman 138 3.2 Remuneration policy report 144 3.3 Annual report on remuneration 150 4 Directors’ Report

Where does BHP Billiton get its iron ore from?

BHP Billiton Limited BHP clocked an increase of 8% in annual production in fiscal 2018 and record output at Western Australia Iron Ore, Queensland Coal, and Spence copper mine in Chile. Iron ore production for the fiscal 2018 rose 3% to a record 238 Mt (or 275 Mt on a 100% basis).

When did BHP Billiton sell the Fayetteville assets?

Agreements for sale of Onshore US On 28 September 2018, BHP completed the sale of 100 per cent of the issued share capital of BHP Billiton Petroleum (Arkansas) Inc. and 100 per cent of the membership interests in BHP Billiton Petroleum (Fayetteville) LLC, which held the Fayetteville assets, for a gross cash consideration of US$0.3 billion.

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