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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BHP Billiton mission statement?

Mission, Vision, and Values of BHP Billiton. Mission Statement: "At BHP Billiton our objective is to be the company of choice - creating sustainable value for our shareholders, employees, contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners and host communities....We aspire to Zero Harm to people, our host communities and the environment and strive to achieve leading industry practice.

What is BHP Billiton vision statement?

BHP Billiton Vision Statement. BHP Billiton strives to create long-term value through the discovery, development and conversion of natural resources, and the provision of innovative customer and market-focused solutions. BHP Billiton is committed to a long-term strategy of investing in low-cost, world-class, expandable and export -orientated operations that reflect diversification across markets and geographic regions.

What is the abbreviation for BHP Billiton Limited?

How is BHP Billiton Limited abbreviated? BBL stands for BHP Billiton Limited. BBL is defined as BHP Billiton Limited somewhat frequently.

What does "BHP Billiton" stand for?

How is Billiton Hewlett Packard abbreviated? BHP stands for Billiton Hewlett Packard. BHP is defined as Billiton Hewlett Packard rarely.

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