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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pump performance curve?

The pump performance curve describes the relation between the flowrate and the head for the actual pump. Other important information for a proper pump selection is also included - like efficiency curves, NPSHr curve, pump curves for several impeller diameters and different speeds, and power consumption.

What is pump characteristic curve?

Characteristic curve. The characteristic curves of centrifugal pumps plot the course of the following parameters against flow rate (Q): head (H) (see H/Q curve), power input (P), pump efficiency (η) and NPSHr, i.e. the NPSH required by the pump.

What is operating characteristics curve of pump?

The pump characteristic curve is defined as 'the graphical representation of a particular pump's behavior and performance under different operating conditions. Pumps come in different sizes based on their power and flow rate.

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