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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the share price of BHP fall?

MELBOURNE (Reuters) -Shares in BHP Group and Woodside Petroleum fell on Wednesday as investors on both sides raised questions about the value of the Perth-based oil and gas group's proposed $29 billion merger with BHP's petroleum arm.

Which is the best stock to invest in bhp?

This, in turn, will benefit stocks like BHP, RIO and VALE. Today's Research Daily features new research reports on 16 major stocks, including Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), CVS Health Corporation (CVS), and BHP Group (BHP). The giant mining company is making changes to its business, and it seems investors are unenthusiastic about its plans.

What did bhp do with its petroleum business?

It is exiting its petroleum business and investing in potash. Metals giant BHP Group slumped Wednesday after the prior day's big rally, as investors questioned the group's major shift in strategy that will see it merge its oil and gas unit while investing billions more in potash.

How much money does BHP Billiton make a year?

(Bloomberg) -- Copper might be BHP Group’s most prized metal, but the world’s biggest mining company spent little more than it earned in an average 12-hour period last year exploring for new deposits.The company spent just $53 million looking for the metal last year, when it posted record profit of $37.4 billion.

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