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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the B and H photo stores located?

B&H, established in 1973, is a large photo, audio and video equipment store located in Manhattan, New York City. The products offered are both new and traded in models and include the most prominent brand names available.

How to contact B & H Photo Video Pro Audio?

We'll email your ticket number within the next 15 minutes. If you do not receive an email within that time, please email [email protected] or call Customer Service at 800.221.5743/212.239.7765.

Why do I like B and H photo?

I like this supplier because I can get information for product comparisons and can count on them having what I need. Their "Payboo" credit card is useful as it saves me money by not having to pay taxes on my purchases. No much info about taxes. Always a great experience!

Are there any good reviews of B and H?

I have been using BH along time and still Happy with them Reliable ecommerce retailer, good value (especially with the Payboo program). Love B&H!! Love B&H!! They carry all my brands in both audio and photography and thery deliver fast! Great Store.

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