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Frequently Asked Questions

How does B and H photo affiliate program work?

As an affiliate with B&H Photo Video affiliate program you’ll receive up to 8% commission on sales. This might appear to be a low commission if you compare with other affiliate programs but keep in mind that these products are cheap – easy to sell – and we are sure that you’ll be pleased with your earnings.

What does B and H B2B stand for?

At B&H B2B we still believe in the personal touch. Each B2B customer gets assigned a personal Account Team, ensuring that a “live“ agent will be available to assist you with your RFQs, purchasing and customer service needs from A to Z.

How much does B and H photo pay you?

If you are a B&H Photo affiliate, then you can earn up to 8 percent on products sold through your website. That might not sound like much compared to other affiliate programs, but their merchandise is often small and they move a lot of it.

Is there an elevator at B and H photo?

The B&H Photo NYC SuperStore is equipped with ramps and elevators for the convenience of our patrons with disabilities. While service animals are welcome on SuperStore premises, please leave other pets at home.

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