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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you buy from B and H photo?

I made purchase from B&H Photo. They contracted FedEx for the delivery, and unfortunately the shipment was delivered to a wrong location. I contacted B&H immediately and they refused to refund or replace the item. Instead of them filing a claim with FedEx, they told me to file a claim with FedEx, even though I am not the one who contracted FedEx.

Who are the best B H photo photographers?

1. Peop Video & Photo 2. Bill Graham Video 3. Roman Cho Photography 4. Jeremy Goldberg Photography 5. Redbox 7. Movie Time - CLOSED 8. Blockbuster - CLOSED 9. Illuminate Hollywood 10. Fotokem Industries Inc. 11. Mega Boxxx - CLOSED 12. Cantoo Records 13. Planet Video 14. Romantix

How long does it take for B & H photo to arrive?

The shipping was free and took one more business day from the initial expected time at purchase, but overall only took 4 business days to arrive. I had to contact support a couple of times to fix my shipping address (due to my error - Paypal had an old address), but it was fixed in the same day.

Is there a way to open a B & H box?

There was no way anyone could have opened the package unless they carried B&H packing tape around with them. I immediately called B&H customer service, who informed me to take photos of the empty box and email them to them, which I did.

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