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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for the BPS Parent Portal?

• Click on the link below to go to the BPS online Parent Portal Request From. • Fill out the online form and provide accurate contact information including phone number and email address. • Once the form is submitted, the BPS Information Technology Department will email parents their Parent Portal Letter.

Where do I sign up for the BHM campus portal?

The Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools Campus Portal website is designed to provide timely information to parents with children enrolled in the school district. You will need to sign up at one of the schools within the district to receive your Portal Activation Key for all of the BHM Schools.

Is the parent portal available at Buffalo Public Schools?

All data are the property of Buffalo Public Schools and is only available to parents and guardians of students currently enrolled. Parent Portal may not be available during summer breaks and during periods of system maintenance. Protect Buffalo Public School System information from loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized use.

How can I get my child's BPS report card?

Please provide school staff with name of your child, grade level and homeroom teacher. School staff can provide you with an updated progress report or report card as soon as possible. Also, all BPS parents have a parent portal account, but in order to get access, a parent must activate the account first.

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